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already begun. zain asher is inside macy's. zain, i wish i have would given you my credit card! you could have done some shopping for me. >> rosa, yes. we are seeing a stead stream of kers on on the ground floor in macy's. i'm told the real chaos is upstairs in women's clothing. understandable. the first time ever macy's has been open on thanksgiving night. yesterday they opened at 8:00. i'm told that 15,000 people are waiting right outside to bust down those doors to come in for those deals. when you talk to customers inside macy's i'm getting a bit of mixed reviews. some people saying, yeah, they are ready for those people and got great deals. others were disappointed and didn't get as many great deals as we anticipated and said they wish they had stayed at home. i'm joining by two shoppers. this is your first time shopping on black friday. how has it been so far? >> it's a bit unexpected. i thought there would be a lot more people. i expected to see people trampleled and rushing through so i didn't see too many people so i thought it was a regular shopping day. >> you started at midnig
york demanÓ las tiendas macy's dpespuÉs que la acusa de rand e robar y quÁ e encdiima se burlana dran de el h hablar espaÑol, ella se une a la edenuncia contra lea empresa p d dicstscfri driminaciÓn de una a puertorriqueÑa. >>> me emepezaron a decir malas palabras, que me gustaba robar. >>> me esposaron con alas mano a atrÁs. >>> estas dos mujeres n ose co conocen, una vive en nueva york y otra en vnenezuela, ambas ac a acusaron a macy's de disc discriminaciÓn, de retenerlas r por horas en celadas que pr presuntamente hay en la tiend, cuando se negaron a firamr un n unidad unid documento admitiendo que habÍan robado. >>> marÍa paez dice que ella y s su hijo de 12 aÑos fueron de m compras a macy's y fueron sepa separados por hroras. >>> llegÓ un muchacho hispano que hablaba espaÑol, que me dijo ,no hciiiciste nada, no has rob, solamente cometiste el error de tomar la bolsa, simplemente t n tiene que tomar este papel, pa pagar una umulta de 500 dÓlares y decir que es culpable de robo, pero no era culpable de nada, p podrÍa haber solucionado el problema con ellos, pero
hours mean more people have to work this holiday. first a stop at the macy's parade in new york. high winds threatened to destroy the show. but the winds died down and balloons like snoopy and spongebob flew again. >> macy's employees call them their gentle giants, flying through the canyons of new york, making it through the skye scrapers, as traditional as having the whole family over for a turkey donor. the 97th thanksgiving day parade almost didn't make it. a messy storm passed over leaving winds. winds higher than 23 miles per hour were gusting above 34 would have kept the big boys on the ground. in the end stiff breezes did not stop the balloons taking off. 3.5 million braved freezing temperatures to watch the parade. 50 million would have seen it on tv. >> thanksgiving day parade. why wouldn't i want to be here? >> the statistics which began are staggering. >> 15 balloons, 20 smaller ones, 11 marching bands, 900 clowns, drum majors and majorets. listen closely and you could almost have heard a sigh of relief from the macy's crew. definitely something worth giving thanks for. gr
, and the holiday has many meanings. for some fighting 30 degrees temperatures to watch the annual macy's parade. the parade wrapped up without incident. the wind died down, the balloons flew. others decided to take advantage of store hours. kmart opened their doors early at 6am. but nowhere were they more grateful than in washington illinois, it is in what we call the nation's heartland. some that live there lost everything in the tornado. today the community came together to help and feel. andy roesgen is there. this is why they call it the heartland. >> in fact, a lot of people here are thankful for their lives. we look at the damage behind me, you can see why. not much has changed since the last two sundays when the huge storm hit, 24 were killed. around washington a number of churches and schools got together to hold thanksgiving day feasts, free meals. all the volunteers working to fix the meals, food donated. we stopped by a church with a large gathering, the crossroads meth difficulty church. they had about 1200 pounds of turkey donated. no shortage of food. they had so much they had to
. discriminadas por ser latinas en macy s, dos latinas dicen esto y que las acusaron falsamente de robo. en washington, activistas cumplen dos semanas de ayuno por la reforma migratoria. y piden a otros que se le unan. ayudan el arzobispo. y habla con univisiÓn el hombre que fue abrazado por el papa francisco. comenzamos. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ este es su "noticiero univisiÓn" con jorge ramos y marÍa elena salinas. ♪ ♪ >>> buenas noches, son las tormentas de acciÓn de gracias. y amenaza con arruinar los planes. se esperan fuertes vientos. y vilma sigue los movimientos de la tormenta y nos dice que hacer. >>> el dÍa de acciÓn de gracias estÁ a la vuelta de la esquina y los dolores de cabeza a la ordende la esquina. primero azotÓ el suroeste, y ahora golpea el este de la naciÓn, daÑando planes a millones de estadounidense que se preparan para viajar en este puente festivo en el que mÁs viajan los estadounidenses. 40 millones estarÁn viajando, y 40% por tierra. >>> conducir el auto con mucho cuidado, darse bastante tiempo. >>> el panorama no es alentador, las principales terminales co
could ground the macy's parade and shoppers get warmed up to battle for bar gaps. >>> find out why police officers are using stun guns on themselves. today is the day for that icy comet to com in contact with the sun, and own a piece of rock 'n' roll history. bruce springsteen's "born to run." "early today" starts right now. 7500 bitcoins into a landfill where that 7.5 million will lay >> good morning, everybody and happy thanksgiving to you. i'm betty nguyen. after days of treacherous travel for so many, the holiday is finally here. we'll have more on that in a moment. but first, all eyes are on the stars this thanksgiving morning. of course those 16 balloons flying in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. but the weather system that snarled holiday travel is not over. and it has many wondering if snoopy and others will even get off the ground. nbc's jay gray is live along the parade route in new york city. good morning, happy thanksgiving. will it be happy for those looking to see those balloons in the air? >> reporter: hey there, good morning. so far, so good, betty, and a happy t
. fly high, the winds won't stop the balloons at the macy's day parade from going up. >>> and outrage in egypt, girls as young as 15 getting long prison sentences for speaking their minds. ♪ >>> well it happened the balloons flew in the 87th an you macy's thanksgiving day parade. the crowds came out and so did the balloons, as you can see. john terrett has been following the parade. john what was the reaction when word went out that the balloons would indeed fly? >> them we reaction here right now is it's a great big sigh of relief. they did it. it happened. another parade has gone out pretty much without hitch. but this morning around 8:00 the person in charge of the parade, came out and said we're flying. and there was a huge cheer that went up. and there are 8,000 volunteers who help out with this event, and they all cheered. it was a bit touch and go. we had this very bad storm that went right over the top of us last night during the balloon inflation period. there was a lot of rain. but just as the forecasters predicted. it went over, then the temperature dropped significantly.
-named like j.c. penney coles and macy's. >> shoppers are pouring in as the shopping season begins. across the shopping the shopping started before the turkey was in the oven. some kmarts opened at 6am. bargain electronics was the best buy. >> what are you shopping for? >> i don't know. nothing in particular. >> moose munch and cashews. >> not everyone was convinced the early start was a good thing. >> it should be a time with friends and family. i know it's a competition in other markets or other stores are open, so they have to compete as well. it's business. >> i mean, it feels odd. it doesn't feel like thanksgiving. >> i think i would rather ret the employees have the night off. given that it's open, i'm shopping here. >> macey's employees are surprised by the customers when the doors flew open thanksgiving night. >> the national retail federation says $89 million shopped on black friday. that's compared with 35 million on thanksgiving day. president obama called members of the armed forces to thank them for their service and wish them for a happy thanks living. >> we give thanks to th
, which is why macy's department store said it's opening for the first time ever. tricia cress will also be working her first thanksgiving. >> it's not like forced labor. it's our choice. >> some workers do feel forced to work. they took to facebook urging shoppers to boycott shopping on thanksgiving day. the page has more than 5,000 locks. michelle in pennsylvania said she quit her retail management job saying this whole shopping thing has gone way too far. >> kmart is not new to the line-up of retailers open for the holiday. this year, their stores are going to be open for nearly 48 straight hours between thanksgiving thursday and black friday. and that's going to take a lot of workers to keep things up and running. but employers say they are doing what they can to make the work worth it. for starters, most retailers pay time and a half. then there are places like wal-mart boosting employee discounts from 20 to 25% and providing a full thanksgiving meal to all three shifts of its workers. >> okay. well, if they are giving them a regimen like that, you can't beat that. you can't beat fr
-mart and target and macy's just opened up at 8:00 and in order to see a full list of the stores opening for black friday, you can check out our holiday kron 4 >>> and i pledge to not shop on thanksgiving badge is circulating on facebook and has been shared 950, 000 times as of wednesday. this year the shopping has cut the days shorter because thanksgiving falls on the calendar. many are fear full that sales can be flat. >>> the bay area generosity and it is hard to top the job at the folks of the church do this year. this year, glide is celebrating 60 years of helping out the less fortunate. kron 4 news is there in volunteers and helping preparing meals for thousands of meals in the area. people giving up their time ando saying they're getting something out of it. >> giving back to people and it is a wonderful opportunity. >> they said they have served about 2300 people a day on just a normal day and on a day like this between 5 to 6000 people getting free meals. kron 4 news. >> our family will stay here to eat. >>> ahead tonight at 8:00, armed duties this thanksgiving and how some bay
and the shoppers came swarming in looking for the hot holiday deals. we are at the macy's at valley fair and stephanie, what is it, leave the family or bring the family? it's a strange new reality on thanksgiving, isn't it? -- >> reporter: this is not what you would see until midnight at years past, tonight macy's broke a 155-year-old tradition and for the first time opening on thanksgiving. with every swing of the door, a smile, and a bag. or boxes piled up. but before all this was -- >> i'm happy. so i got. >> reporter: had she got to mac and waited for three hours to nab deals up to 75% off. you are not missing a big thanking giving for this? >> i'm not preparing anything, because of this macy's deal. >> no need to run. >> reporter: the nunez family got here four hours early to get a deal for wii. >> it's $299, but we are getting a discount. >> reporter: do you know how much? >> $40. >> reporter: he said stores opening earlier on thanksgiving saves people like him from wasting a full night waiting in line for deals and people can celebrate with a feast on black friday. >> they can hav
of macy's flagship store to start shopping at 8:00 p.m. thursday night retailers registered 10 million in store transsanctions between 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. on thanksgiving thursday, and 400 million page views for shoppers looking for deals on its website. but today america's smalls are e choked with holiday shoppers just as they have been in past years. going to a mall on long island, i see people all around you. >> reporter: well, things are well started to fill up here at the mall. there is a healthy crowd out here, but it was a different story at 5:00 a.m. very few people out. that's largely due to the fact that gray thursday stole a lot of black friday's thunder. many stores were open at request a.m. on thanksgiving, and the hardcore deal hunters were out in force. and sears there were 500 people lined up to take advantage of those deals. things started to taper off until 2:00 a.m. and then would pick up again at 11:00 a.m. when i look behind me and look at the shoppers, i don't see people endowed with tons and tons of bags. definitely a cautious atmosphere. people looking for
are crossing their fingers and praying to the weather gods right now. the 87th macy's thanksgiving day parade set to begin in four hours with high winds whipping through manhattan. snoopy and buzz lightyear and the rest of the bunch could be grounded. let's get more from jason carroll. >> reporter: the crowds are certainly out here in the upper west side. excited about seeing t ining th balloons in the parade. they are sonic, the hedgehog here and there is hello kitty. 16 giant balloons in all in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. still a question in terms of whether or not they will end up flying. we spoke to the man who is ultimately going to be the one making that decision. he is the instant commander for the new york city police department. he says he is obviously going to be checking the weather reports. they are going to be checking the wind gauges along the parade route as well and the final decision will not come before the parade is expected to start. a lot of fingers are crossed out here hoping that the balloons will end up flying. >> it's deflating to even think about, isn't it, j
are not waiting until black friday. now we call it black thursday. jennifer glass is at macy's. what have you seen so far tonight? >> macy's opened its doors for the first time in 155 years, shoppers flooded in. they came in huge numbers, and it's supercrowded. we were in there earlier tonight. it's wall to wall people on every floor. they are trying to manage people on and off the escalators. we talked to a couple of shoppers. including a number of women that can't do this in their home state. >> we are from massachusetts, the stores will not open on thanksgiving. there's no way. we think it's different. but, you know what, when in new york, do as new york does. it's different. i mean, it feels odd, it doesn't feel like thanksgiving , but we are not home either. >> so, you know, a lot of shoppers were torn when we asked them what do you think it's like shopping on thanksgiving. should macy's be open. a lot of shoppers were in there because the parade. we were from outside of town. we met new yorkers that had had their thanksgiving dinner. it was okay. macy's opened at 8:00 pm. that was not the c
's gusty winds could charge more than the airplanes, the macy's balloons in new york will not be allowed to fly if the wind speed gets high enough. we'll go to the upper west side of new york in just a few minutes. >>> now up to the latest allegation of spying, there's a report out that the nsa has been tracking the pornography of the people nsa calls radicals. according to edward snowden, the nsa is trying to addition credit or diminish their moral standing, two muslims vulnerable to accusations of online promiscuity. wus discussing specific -- without discussing specific individuals, it's not surprising if the u.s. government uses all of the lawful tools possible, to radicalize others to violence. julian sanchez, research fellow at the time cato institute. are you surprised that the nsa is tracking the porn habits of those it considers subversive? >> there are a couple of items that are rather surprising. the people that are identified as targets, not named in the huffington post story, appear to be people they describe as radicalizers, not terrorists or members of terror groups, the p
. >> oh my! >> oh my! >> well, the balloons did fly in the 87th macy's thanksgiving parade in new york. high winds threatened to ground the festivities and the temperatures in the 30s but the crowds certainly did come out today in midtown. >>> to the white house, where the president reminded americans to be thankful for here and abroad. >> the freedoms to think what we want and say what we think, to worship according to our own beliefs. >> obama talked to ten service members this afternoon, wechg them a happy thanksgiving. the first family is enjoying a low key holiday, surrounded by close friends and family. >>> the seasonal sales, some even starting today. jennifer glasse is live in new york at macy's flagship store. it is one of a handful of retailers open today. jennifer open today on thanks for the first time ever, right? >> that's right. for the first time in macy's 155-year history it's broken with tradition and opened its doors on thanksgiving day. it happened just a few minutes ago. and hundreds of shoppers poured in. we spoke to some of them, a lot of foreigners visiting from
for it. >> it's the annual tradition, the macy's thanksgiving day parade. people are already lining the streets of new york city. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> and he scores! >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. >>> and good morning, happy thanksgiving. it's thursday, november 28. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm anne makovec. it is 6:00 and just in time for thanksgiving, it looks like that winter storm that blanketed much of the east coast is slowing down. the nation's airports and highways are getting back to normal and after heavy rain and snow forced flight delays and cancellations across the country, here in the bay area traffic was pretty bad as you can see there. but for the most part, flights were on time out of sfo. >> reporter: good morning, i'm ryan takeo. happy thanksgiving i this prep kitchen is going to be a completely different place in about an hour. they are getting ready to feed 5,000 people here at the glide foundation. we'll
and macys are doing, walmart closing higher by. .1. ers. pennies up. 15%. macy's down slightly. black friday is the moment of truth for a lot of retailers so their goal is just to lure as many shoppers at possible into the stores on thanksgiving. that is why you're seeing a lot of retailers open earlier and earlier. third quart corporate earnings, 70% of companies can actually beat on profits, but it's largely due to cost cutting strategies. it is trushl for all these retailers to lure people back into the stores for the holiday season. jim? >> so certainly not a black friday on wall street today. how about that black friday on the ground in all those stores and in some places they took the term doorbusters too literally. people pushed and shoved to get good prices although in this case, this he weren't even in the store yet. watch and listen to this one. >> oh, my god! >> this was the scene at a walmart in he will kin, north carolina. a pretty ugly scene playing out around a few low priced tvs. people out of control there. it's not the first time we've seen it. we've seen it in previous hol
could ground the stars of the world famous macy's parade. right now ovens are preheating for those turkeys as shoppers get warmed up to battle for bargains and find out why police officers are using stun guns on themselves. today's the day for that icy comet to come in contact with the sun and own a piece of rock and roll history bruce springsteen's "born to run." happy thanksgiving, everyone. >>> after days of treacherous travel for so many the holiday is finally here. we'll have more on that in just a moment. first, all eyes are on the stars of this thanksgiving morning, the 16 balloons flying in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. but the weather system that snarled holiday travel, it is not over. and it has many wondering if snoopy and others will get off the ground. nbc's jay gray is live along the parade route in new york city. good morning, jay. happy thanksgiving. a lot of people looking at you because we need to know if snoopy is going to get up in the air? >> reporter: good morning, betty. happy thanksgiving to you and everyone out there. fingers still crossed here we won
headed between cupertino and 101 so it is not a bad drive. >> there is controversy at this year's macy's thanksgiving parade with floats that activists want pulled. >> early birds and there are early early birds. the shoppers already if line if black friday deals. >> a winter blast sent cross the east and south and the impact for millions of travelers headed home for >>> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> controversy brewing before the start of the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city on thursday. the parade and the colorful floats are enjoyed by huge crowds in the big apple and millions more on tv. members of p.e.t.a. is collected thousands of signatures asking organizers to pull the seaworld float of a killer whale after a documentary look at the safety of killer whales in captivity. and joan je to. t will not perform after could you ranchers complained. >> how far would you go to get a bargain on a large screen tv? for some, 7 nights in the cooled parked outside the best buy. >> for the first few people in line this is
to open on thanksgiving day. macy's, target and sears along with walmart earlied it up to 8:00 pm. due to the shopping season, it's one week late this week. >> you are not going to get the intensity that you have in the past on black friday. >> reporter: in a new survey half say they will shop online this weekend. one in eight plan to hit the stores on thanksgiving day. that's down 10% from last year. on black friday, six in ten say they'll avoid crowded stores. that's up from last year. the lack of interest may be linked to consumer confidence, which just hit a seven-month low. but retailers are counting on super shoppers like tracy phillips to boost their bottom line. >> i will be spending about $3,000 and saving about $2,500. >> reporter: and like many consumers, she's starting this weekend. and many are shopping smarter, too, researching before they go out and even taking their mobile device in the store with them. you may find another price on your phone and walk back out. that's a problem for brick and mortar stores. >> what are you going to do, shop on thanksgiving day or stay
wind chills, talk about the prospect of the macy's day parade, and what about return weather for travel? we'll talk about that as well. >>> wet weather also making for rough road conditions tonight. >> you combine that with the typical increase in holiday weekend drinking and driving and that could add up to disastrous outcomes. >> we spent the evening with montgomery county police who are cracking down. >> this is one of the holiday weekends where drinking and driving seems to spike. police say it is the busiest night for drinking and driving of the year. that's why montgomery county police are in full force honing in on the drunk drivers tonight. >> they've deployed dozens of additional officers to keep the roads safe. they're strategically placed throughout the county. there are saturation patrols cruising high density areas where more drunk drivers are expected. police whe not just looking forve drirs o looknk dru butny a infronacti. if'v youe been drinkingt tha may ultimately lead to a. dui >> it's the busiest year for drunkri d.vers you haves kid coming home from college, everybod
a decision is expected within hours about the iconic macy's parade. the big balloons are inflated, ready to soar. the city's police department must check wind speed before giving the go ahead. john terrett has the story. >> well, the weather at the macy's parade balloon inflating party is better than it was this evening. about 6 o'clock it was driving heavy rain, the worst of the storm that pounded the midwest in the week. it passed over the top of us. as the forecasters forecast, it ended around about 7 o'clock and until the temperatures plummeted. now we are left with beautiful huge balloons - there's 16 of the big ones. this is snoopy and woodstock. will they be able to fly in tomorrow morning's parade. we don't nope. mayor bloomberg was here earlier, suggesting things were optimistic. the head of the n.y.p.d. parade is optimistic. we'll have to wait and see. the issue is the wind. not the rain and snow. if it's sustained at more than 23 miles per hour, or gusting greater than 34 miles per hour, the law in new york presents the ball joons from flying. there were several points along t
. macy'sdown -- macy's union square, 300 stormed the doors when they flipped the looks. >> i have never then macy's to open at 8:00 on thanksgiving day. >> big line but we got here early and got in. >> the line at the best buy stretched around the building for the 6:00 p.m. south of market. opening on thanksgiving day is a savvy move according to the experts with stores slashing prices. >> labor groups will use this as a platform to rest wages and working condition cans at wal-mart stores. shoppers can expect to see something similar to this picket line in los angeles. there is an organization for 3:00 demonstration part of an effort to organize associates at the biggest retailer. >> an illinois liver -- police officer was branchly hospitalized after being dragged by a car driven by a suspected shoplifter. this began with reports of two men stealing clothes from a koll's department store. the suspect was chased where the driver ignored orders to stop. an officer was tangled in the car and was dragged. >> westbound 80 is open after a man was hit and killed this morning when c.h.p. receiv
sight - yes, that's a giant snoopy ready for the macy's parade. it's up in the air. balloons are ready to fly. strong winds could ground them. we'll get an update ahead. >> heading home for the holiday. it's one of the busiest travel days of the year. millions driving and flying and coping. some cancelled flights. paul beban is at the laguardia airport. what is the situation right now where you are? . >> well, i don't know if you can see over my left shoulder. they are the american arrival and departure boards. there's almost no yellow and red, meaning a couple of delays, no cancellations. most of the flights leaving and arriving on time. in fact, the terminal here down the way is now closed. all the flights coming into that terminal are in. all the ones going out are out. a couple of folks camped out. maybe a few delays. the big travel mess has failed to materialize. >> for some travellers at the busiest airports, a test of the patience. stormy weather spelt cancellations and delays, like at new york's laguardia airport. on the busiest day of the years passengers had been bracing for
the -- >> i'm curious about the macy's thanksgiving day parade tomorrow because they are expecting some wind gusts saying 30 miles per hour. they're waiting until the last minute to find out -- >> i heard 50. >> oh. >> yeah. >> oh. >> anyway, we'll find out. they may have to -- we'll see what they do. they'll make decisions at the last minute. >> call your carrier. >> we've compiled a list, traveling today and want to know what the busy airports and rest stops. here they are. number five the fifth busiest airport today is jfk at 4:00 p.m. >> come at a quarter of. >> san francisco at 1:00 p.m. please avoid that. l.a.x. at high noon. >> yep. >> chicago o'hare at 4:00 p.m. and the atlanta airport at 6:00 p.m. how about the busiest rest stops? >> no way you're going to avoid it if you have your ticket. >> just making people feel bad. >> no. somebody thought you would need to know the chesapeake house plaza in northeast maryland will be really bad at 5:00 p.m. today. but buckeye's in texas, don't go there at 10:00 tomorrow. >> all right. and the worst place to be at the delaware welcome center tr
million people from lining the route of the macies thanksgiving day parade. the big question is will the balloons fly in 3 hours from now. if it's too windy they may be grounded. as soon as the turkey dinner is done, a lot of americans will start a new thanksgiving tradition - shopping. we'll look at the debate over stores opening up. we'll show you how to use technology. we begin with a black eye for the affordable care act. a majorment of obamacare is blaed by a year. the online system to buy medical insurance is not ready. we have the reason explained, to do with the federal plagued website >> in a pre-thanksgiving announcement the white house issued a statement saying small businesses would not be able to register employees on until november next year. administration officials are focussing on fixing the website. acknowledging that it simply cannot afford the resources needed to help small businesses navigate the site. it's the third delay for small businesses. they were told they could enrol on october 31st. then pushed to november. they we
and who loses? >> i think macy's wins, tjx wins, michael kors will win. limited should win. best buy, outside of my office the traffic, the line went straight down the block. >> but best buy said their margins would be compressed. >> right. >> what would you do with this stock, best buy? >> if i could buy it or sell it, i'd buy it. the reason why? great expense structure to make profits down the road. >> dana will be with us all morning. >>>'tis the season for early spending sprees. joining us now is richard barry, the toys retailer and merchandising officer. how are you? >> i'm great. how are you? >> i'm great. give us a sense of what has been going on overnight for you and what you're seeing today. >> we opened at 5:00 p.m. last night. the sales staff at midnight the night before online. what we expected for this thanksgiving and for black friday period was that people were going to shop how they wanted and that's what we've been seeing. so great sales online at 12:01 midnight. we saw great crowds at 5:00 p.m. we've seen a nice stream of traffic heading through. right now, we've go
of the hottest items already. >>> let's start our coverage with zain asher at macy's flagship store in new york city. how is it looking there so far? >> reporter: hi, micaela. 15,000 people lined up yesterday ruffle around 8:00. i am told there should be a mad rush roughly around 10:00 a.m. black friday officially kicking off today. take a listen. >>> just hours into the holiday shopping season taking off, the hunt for bargains is becoming a contact sport. many taking advantage of some retailers opening their doors on thanksgiving night. some even foregoing the holiday dinner. tempers flaring at this walmart with shoppering clamoring for a bargain on tablets in virginia just hours after its signature parade. macy's broke out the barricades for hundreds of hungry shoppers starving for a deal at their flagship store in new york city. across the country, long lines, a welcome sight for retailers hoping to cash in on the holidays. hundreds more lining up outside of a toys are us so they wouldn't miss out on must-have items on their kids wish list. >> hopefully, they will get their sky lander and ge
without the macy's thanksgiving day parade. right now the fate of the big parade balloons is up in the air. rick is tracking the winds that could ground the balloons. >> we will be seeing winds out of the 25-30 mile an hour range. they can adjust how high the winds will fly. we are know it will be a game time decision. these are shots you are looking at right now of yesterday. it is right where the parade starts. they bring the balloons out and 300,000 people come out to watch it happening. all day long they will be showing you wiall of the things happening. fake a look at the weather maps. we have a big storm system move through. the storm system is gone. that is great news for pretty much everybody. we are talking about a really nice day as far as precipitation goes. it is a really chili morning and it will be a very chilly day again today. this morning in cleveland people want to know what the weather is like when they go out shopping as well. >> it would not be thanksgiving without you there as well. you have been there every thanksgiving morning. >> i know. it is a great time. >>> oth
with family. high wind here in new york calmed enough by this morning to allow the macy's thanksgiving day parade to go ahead as planned. and we start off tonight from the parade route. good evening, katie. >> reporter: hey there, kate. we are told americans are eating 736 million pound of turkey today. but before all the food comas can kick in, 6th avenue here was abuzz with people. crowds lining the street for a thanksgiving day parade that went off without a hitch, almost. >> reporter: thankfully the 3.5 million people who lined the streets and braved the cold not knowing if the stars of the 87th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade would show up. >> it was fun. >> reporter: is there any part of your body you can feel right now? >> no. >> reporter: the only hiccup was spiderman's left arm punctured and slightly deflated after it snagged a tree rounding a corner. thanksgiving traditions continued all across the country, even after a wet and windy storm canceled hundred of flights yesterday. but weather headaches didn't dampen the spirit. in washington the first family had a traditional
to travel through, you made it. spectators getting into the spirit, dressed as turkeys to watch the macy's day parade, joy on the faces of the children watching the balloons go by. we cannot forget who we need to thank on this holiday, the soldier in afghanistan. as many of you try to enjoy your dinner, just look at the long lines already forming at the mall this thanksgiving. so many shoppers who cut dinner short. more stores open this thanksgiving than ever before and if anyone needs reminding take a look at this. this is what's coming tomorrow. black friday and we have team coverage from the shopping centers to the weather center. we begin with abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis at toys r us in times square. happy thanksgiving, rebecca. >> reporter: happy thanksgiving. more stores than ever this year has opened today. here at toys r us people lined up since this morning to get inside. once they opened the doors, the cash registers started ringing within five minutes. they came, they saw, they shopped. >> is this your first time shopping on thanksgiving? >> it is. >> you
trucks mientras que fue el desfile de macy's en nueva york, feliz día de acción de gracias para félix de bedout. >>> muchas gracias lucía, pero aún hay muchas personas que se desplazan qué pueden esperar. >>> la tormenta ya pasó y las personas terminarán en sus destinos, para enfrentar los tumultos en ls aeropuertos y también con mucha paciencia. >>> muchas gracias, lucía, la cercanía del día de acción de gracias y el viernes negro causa una controversia, porque muchos consideran que adelantar la fecha de las súper ventas, causa que msh trabajadores no puedan disfrutra con sus familias la cena pero aún así muchas personas salen a las compras, desde miami, galo arellano. >>> la música, el ritmo y la alegría es la muestra más evidente que es el momento de dar gracias por lo recibido, pero este día en particular muchos no podrán bailar un son con su familia, porque tendrán que atender como nunca antes a ansiosos compradores que tienen que atendedr en el jueves gris, previo al viernes negro. >>s> e está perdiendo la unidad del día de acción de gracias. >>> a quiénes s
of americans are waiting to see if the real stars in the annual macy's day thanksgiving parade will take part. the giant balloons that soar above the parade route. here's the deal, gusty winds here in new york this morning are threatening to perhaps ground the likes of snoopy, sponge bob and spidey. jason carroll is live along the parade route. good morning. when i came in this morning, it wasn't too windy. how are conditions out there? >> reporter: it's feeling pretty good, we've had mild gusts, but nothing major to speak of. if you take a look behind me, you have snoopy, the macy's stars, the sandbags are holding them down for now. in terms of what's happening with the parade and whether or not they are going to fly or not, we won't know until the parade gets underway at 9:00 a.m. 16 giant balloons are filled and ready for liftoff. thousands showing up wednesday night to get a look at the helium-filled stars of the 87th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade hoping they soar high above new york city later this morning. >> it's the first time we've seen them blowing up, and that's like the be
, macy's also opened at 8 p.m. thanksgiving day. >> it was clear to us, the customers wanted to be shopping on thanksgiving day. we advised our retailers they should be open. >> that meant working 363 days instead of 362. he says that is business. >> i'm always so thankful even if we have to work on thanksgiving, there's a lot of people worse off than us. >> babies r us pushed even earlier. 5 p.m. . >> we turned it into a thanksgiving lunch. >> still this man and many others came out to shop. >> we want to give people a chance to come here first without having to divide their time with the other competitors out there. seems to be working good so far. >> the top of the wish list? >> xbox. >> i want the sky landers for the wii. >> we want to get baby wipes. >> no toys? >> nope. >> wipes and diapers. >> still some people say thanksgiving shouldn't become just another shopping day. >> we have a family member works at wal-mart. i feel he should be home with family. >> one day retailers plan to take off. december 25th. at least this year . who knows for next. back here live, among
. >> this is the first time macy actually opened the doors on thanksgiving day. as kahn see the store definitely packed behind me as they open the door things kicked off with huge flood of customers rushing in. now macy union square officially kicked off the holiday shopping soap day early this year. more than 300 people storm the doors as soon as employee flip the lock. retailers pushed opening time into thanksgiving night and pushed up the deep discounts once reserved for black friday. now financial experts say it's a savvy manufacture and retailers are simply trying to get shop investigators buy in an economy that is still challenging. city. big line all the way to the corner. we got here early and went to the counter. >> macy opening at 8:00 o'clock on thanksgiving day before. i'm here just to be here. >> national retail federation expects retail sales to be up 3.9 percent during the last two months of the year. that's higher than last year 3.5 percent but still below the 6 percent pace before the recession. i want you to 0know that this store will stay open for the next 24 hours. plenty of
winds ground the iconic balloons at the macy's thanksgiving parade. >>> a taste of home. u.s. troops overseas finding their own way to celebrate today's big holiday. >> happy thanksgiving. >> while connecting with loved ones thousands of miles away. >>> and why wait? planning on a side of shopping with your turkey and pumpkin pie? some stores are already open this morning. your guide to the best bargains, today, thanksgiving day, thursday, november 28, 2013. >>> from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. >> and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on this thanksgiving morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm matt lauer. happy thanksgiving. we're coming to you from 34th street, midtown manhattan, the finish line for the 87th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. it's going to be a spectacular. lots of new elements this year. of course, one of the big keys this year is going to be the weather, as you alluded to in the open. >> al roker is along the parade route. we have willie and natalie folding down the fort in studio 1-a. i think we better get to al. th
? and it could ground the famous balloons at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. we're live on the route coming up. >> this morning the white house would like you to be forgiving because along with the holiday comes another obamacare delay. oh my. and this is going to hit small business where it hurts. >> this will make you think twice about texting and walking. caught on camera, this guy got so distracted he almost stepped on a snake while texting. >> remember the guy who fell into the fountain. >> "fox & friends" begins right now. >> this is kenny rogers wishing everyone a happy holiday and to our troops serving overseas, stay safe. >> well said, kenny. welcome to "fox & friends" on this thanksgiving day morning. happy thanksgiving everyone. this is a live look down 6th avenue where they've got everything roped off ready to go for the big parade. the big question, though, will those balloons lift off the ground? >> they have been grounded back in 1971 because of strong wind, and strong winds are forecast for this morning. >> we've seen what happens with those balloons during strong winds but
at 6 p.m. macy's at 8 p.m. target at 8 p.m. so a good amount of stores trying to beat black friday. now, here's video from the best buy in pleasant hill last night. many there eager to be the first ones to snatch up an ipad before the shopping season gets going. last night shoppers were setting up tents there and those best buy doors won't even open until this evening. >> then they turn and go, hey, can you buy me something? so they all want a piece of the action even though they are laughing at you. it's funny. >> just hang out, reading and eating snacks. >> reporter: so it's kind of like thanksgiving. >> pretty much, yeah, without the turk. -- without the turkey. >> reporter: the best buy manager there says he is not worried about christmas interfering with thanksgiving but he does say the more and more of these stores that start opening on thanksgiving, he says black friday could be a thing of the past. live in redwood city, at kmart, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> thank you. i'm shocked there is nobody there. that's a good thing. kmart will stay through friday and close at 11 p.m., 41 strai
, quick thought on the retail season. >> macy's, tjx, michael kors will be some of the winners and we'll have a retail season that will be extended. >> thank you for joining us. right now it's time for "squawk on the street." >>> good morning and welcome to "squawk on the street." i'm david faber with kayla tausche. it's bring your kid to work day on what lab shortened trading day for the markets. the stock market will close at 1:00 p.m., the bond market i believe at 2:00 p.m. we are poised at what would seem a higher open. we're not going to get a lot of hours of trading in. as in for the 10-year note yield, let's take a look and see where we are. there it is. 27.66. and we'll go to the map in europe where i can never figure out the geography. >> you know the boot is italy. >> i know the boot is italy and i can pick up russia. our road map here back in the united states starts with what else, retail. millions of shoppers, yes, millions hitting the stores for black friday. we'll go live to say how sales are going. brian? >> the markets are open today for an abbreviated trading session
of the storm system, could cause some problems with the macy's day parade. that's the latest from here. back to you. >>> one man remains in critical condition after a shooting that sent seven people to east bay hospitals. gunfire erupted in east oakland about 6:00 last night. police say two shooters sprayed bullets at a group of men at a birthday celebration near 96th avenue and olive. a woman in the area says she might have been killed if she hadn't ducked when she heard the shooting. >> i was trying to run back in the store. when i did that, i heard the gunshots and i hit the ground. and the bullet went straight through my pony tail. >> right through your hair? >> yeah. >> murders are significantly down this year. and so there is signs of progress, but obviously, stuff like this shows we still have work to do. >> oakland police are asking for help in solving the case. no word on suspects right now. or a possible motive. >> a growing san jose memorial for a 3-year-old boy hit and killed in a cross walk. but our report shows that it is one of three pedestrian deaths in the past couple of day
some of which could expect. and high winds are threatened--threatening the annual macy's thanksgiving parade. when the york has to do is the wind gusts exceed a certain limit. and hot sauce plant in southern california has been ordered to partially shut down because of the pungent smell. those details next. as people try to skip town for thanksgiving, the storms that swept from the west coast to the south are moving up the east coast. the northeastern is expected to create some pretty severe delays on one of the biggest trouble days of the year and andrew spencer reports of those delays might not be limited to the north east. >>: when the gus by snow and rain can pull drivers and a day but one on one of the busiest travel days of the biggest impact may be in the air. >>: when the wind blow and new york city at 40 and a boston 60. this three hour delay sending york city and even more than that may be in boston because the planes are going to have to be so far apart when you went like that. >>: seen the rain and the tarmac as wary enough to sustain itself like this one time to get out o
. at least a dozen stores are newcomers including macy's, j.c. penney and coal kohl's. >> is it really in the best interest of individuals? maybe not. they get so frantically almost obsessed about shopping that they lose the bigger picture, which is time with family, friends and time to reflect and be grateful for the things that they have. >> reporter: plante says retailers are brilliant at getting you out of the house to spend money and for the most part, they have avoided backlash by creeping up and taking over thanksgiving hour by hour. >> doing it at 6 p.m. and you keep doing it until finally you get to the place where there's an expectation that it's perfectly fine to grab some quick lunch or dinner, whatever, for thanksgiving, and then run off to the store. and so it becomes part of almost a norm. >> reporter: a few years ago, when target first opened up on thanksgiving, an employee started a petition on to fight back. it failed. plante says he doesn't judge people who shop on thanksgiving. just make sure you do what's best for you. >> i'd like folks to at least take
is in jeopardy. why organizers say the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city could be missing its iconic balloons. soon, californians from to salinas to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it. and nobody will be denied because of a pre-existing condition. welcome to a new state of health. welcome to covered california. we are your health insurance marketplace. enroll today at or call 1-800-300-1506. >>> stocks up in light trading as the number of americans seeking unemployment benefits dropped 10,000 last week. hewlett-packard is up nearly 10% right now after the world's second largest maker of pcs, a strong profit for the third quarter. >>> the obama administration is announcing another delay. this time the administration is issuing a one-year delay for the online enrollment of small businesses. they can still enroll offline. that's already prompting criticism from republicans who say the website just needs to be scrapped all together. the issue does not affect california small bus
. >> deborah, wusa9. >> high winds that were threatening to ground a big part of the macy's thanksgiving day parade appear to be subsiding. the nypd says the forecast looks pretty good for kermet and spiderman and papa smurf and charlie brown and all the other oversized balloons. they may be able it fly. macy's took extra precautions to secure the balloons after 43- mile per hour winds in 1997 blew the cat in the hat balloon into a lamp post and that resulted in serious injuries. a final decision won't be made until tomorrow morning. but you are saying things are looking up. >> optimistic. their criteria is 23 miles per hour sustained and nothing can be over 43-mile per hour wind gusts. they go no. but i think it's going to be under that. i think we'll be okay. >> that said, we'll have breezes, too, not as strong, but windchills tomorrow, highs in the 30s. windchills in the 20s. >> doubtful. >> some of the guys are going out. >> i said no. >> you are a smart man. okay, let's take a look at temperatures. first, let's take a live look outside if we could, with a camera. i got to -- there
, walmart, sears, target and macy's among the stores opening tomorrow. >>> a lot of people making a mad dash to the grocery store. >> reporter: i just popped into this safe way and the butter shelf is completely empty. there are a lot of people here doing some last-minute shopping for the big meal tomorrow. man owe are armed with a long list so they don't forget anything that is a must have on the holiday table. moist of the people we ran into were shopping in dwroup, a family event or friends event. we met people who are starting new thanksgiving traditions and some who are carrying on the old traditions. >> we're friends. we're just going to get together, bring some stuff, have fun. that's it. >> anything that's like a tradition where we get together tonight and we're just going to cook and do everything and probably not sleep. and have a great time. it. >> happy thanksgiving! >> reporter: fun is on everyone's menu tonight. now some of the new thanksgiving cobs say they are planning on having an early meal so if it's a flop they have time to go out and enjoy a good meal. and the good news
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